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Instant Steel Drum

Instant Steel Drum'kit' is three different gauge carbon steel wands ---

with a wooden comb to help install --

and instructions on how to do it.

Weave a wand between the strings, move it to the bridge with the comb, and you have a second bridge which causes numerous interference harmonics, making your guitar sound like a steel drum.

Hear this effect on acoustic guitar here.. and more instructions and features of Instant Steel Drum here.

Possibilities with electric guitar effects are endless. For example, add 'tremolo' and get your guitar to sound like a Hammond B3.

Happy Playing!

Price: U$ 7.00 Shipping in US and Canada via Airmail Letter Post: U$ 3.50. Outside the US/Canada please email me for quote.

Discounts on quantity shipping. Payment in US (U$) dollars please.

If you use PayPal I can ship promptly. My address there is (for Fontana Studio). Please email me with any questions.

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