Knight's Woods

    This carving is about 2 feet by 3 feet, good size, oil paints on sugar pine. I let a friend bring this carving to a TV station for an outdoor concert TV spot, and one woman came to the show just to see the carving, which ws not there (because I thought it of no consequence). But she explained to me that when that carving filled her TV screen for about 5 seconds the whole room got this beautiful aura. I took her words to heart and now Knights Woods hangs in my place.

    Knights woods was a vast farm and estates of an early RI family. We kids used to roam there freely. There were butternut trees, apple trees, and red cedars in overgrown fields of orange rye grass and round gray granite field stones. I used to hike to the stone sheepfold and stop there briefly. When you are 8 or 10 you think the world will always stay the same -- big mistake. 'This carving was the best I could do to correct this mistake, years later. It captures the spirit of the place, in case it leaves me, or for when I leave this place.

    The old Knights woods are greatly reduced in size, but there are reasons why it has resisted all forms of progress over the years. I am not sure what they are. So many other spots have fallen victim to malls and highways.


Red Cedars


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