Revelations in a Swamp



  Revelations in a Swamp is a collection of thoughts all carved in one large piece of eastern red cedar heartwood. The tree I cut dead standing. It filled the'67 Chevy Bel Air five times. This piece was from about 6 feet up the tree. The tree base was hollow, easy to saw down. Ants hollowed it, so I carved a big ant at the very bottom.

  There are alot of elements in this carving, based on the overgrown swamps of my youth. There were colonial home foundations, serving as bridges across the water, overgrown with moss. It was a spooky place. Cars, old houses, little kids --the swamp ate them all up.

  I left many swamp things out of Revelations -- a little brook surrounded by fields of purple and white violets and grass, the caves formed by upturned root systems of giant maple trees blown over by the hurricane -- these are better for painting.  

  In form, areas of detail make the imagination 'fill out' areas of amorphous smooth form. The eye goes tries to turn the smooth amorphous areas into something the mind recognizes. It is the same as seeing animal shapes in clouds.


  I did not plan the 'faces' which appear in photographs. When reduced from three to two dimensions, the photo of the carving revealed 'faces' which were incomplete views of the three dimensional carving. That got me thinking: some things we see in three dimensions could be imperfect representations of what actually exists in more than three dimensions. Pretty spooky.

Lilac Dragon


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