Carved Signs

  I have always carved. Carvings became wood sculptures, bas reliefs, decorative furniture, figureheads, chess pieces, and carved signs. A bas-relief carving in wood, finished 'bright' or painted, makes an attractive sign. I chose the idea of a treasure chest for this gift shop, located in Newport, long a pirate's haven. The concept was 'gaudy and piratical.' The sign hangs there 14 years later -- not long for a sign.

  The sign below is from a design handed to me by the owner for a restaurant on the ground floor of his inn. I shifted some forms to fit into the oval shape, then carved and painted the sign.

  "What Cheer?" were the RI founder's first words to the Indians when he arrived in their lands, after having been chased out of Massachusetts Bay. Much is made of this phrase, which is the name of this bed and breakfast in RI. The actual meeting was probably on land, and Roger Williams was allegedly struggling with pneumonia. A adapted this design from a glorified version of th emeeting, from an old history book. This was a fun sign to draw and carve.

  Often I prefer not to paint a bas-relief carved sign. This is an example of a design I executed in black walnut for a customer.

The customer had the option of finishing the sign 'bright' which I think looks beautiful. But the sign was 'executed' with color.

  Practical considerations were: a) color sells, b) color is more visible, and c) the customer wanted color, plus the lantern door opening. And my motto is: 'the customer is always - the customer.'

(This is a small number of carved signs I have designed and made. I will post more as I find photos)