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String Sizzler

String Sizzler makes sounds two ways. Move it across the strings to vibrate them. This gives you eerie notes and voices. Slide it along the strings, and this gives you pitch changes.

You can make String Sizzler sound like a choir of angels or a crew of screaming banshees.

Using reverbs, chorus, delays, etc. you vastly increase the possiblilties of this simple device

. Listen to 'wet' and 'dry' mp3s of String Sizzler here.

Price: U$ 7.00 Shipping in US and Canada via Airmail Letter Post: U$ 4.00. Outside the US/Canada please email me for quote.

Discounts on quantity shipping. Payment in US (U$) dollars please.

If you use PayPal I can ship promptly. My address there is (for Fontana Studio). Please email me with any questions.

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