Woodcarvings and Totem Poles


  The first photo is of a bas relief, in pine, painted -- the hands are life size. I could not think of anything else to carve but -- a carver. In the background are some other things a carver does to make a living. There were boats to fix, a stone tower to re-point, and violin gigs to play. But nothing beats carving for inner peace and simplicity. People say, "well, you sure have alot of patience." Well, I don't when I'm not carving.

  The next photo is of two totem poles I carved for the Boy Scouts and Camp Yawgoog. My childhood buddy Gene D'Ovidio and I (in green shirt) stand in the foreground. These totems are made of white cedar for long life. The pole on the left contains totems of the camp, and is dedicated to the memory of Gene's Dad, Eugene, Scoutmaster of Troop 1, Greenwood, RI, founded 1913. 'Mr. D.' was instrumental in encouraging my woodcarving, and gave me my first lessons on guitar.

  The pole on the right is the totem of 'Chief' J. Harold Williams' life and deep connection with the camp he helped found. Men like the Chief Williams, Gus Anthony, and many others spanned half-centuries of dedication to scouting, through a World War, and are still venerable to us, even as we get on in years.

  Credit too goes to Andy Krueger, another Troop 1 Greenwood alumnus. He did not remember me from those days, except as one of many new annoyances in the troop. Andy kept in close touch with the project, prodding me to go out into the freezing cold plastic-draped trailer porch to take the totems a few whacks closer to their deadline. Together we shot hundreds of photos of these works in progress, which I may post later on this site.

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