Bell Buoy


  My paintings surface at strange times. the painting above, and numerous paintings of lighthouses, surfaced when I lost the use of my left arm for some time. It was in constant pain, but I did slightly better thanks to a number of pills and caps. I was wondering what to do with my life, since I did not know if the condition would subside.

  Maybe the lighthouse was a fitting symbol for the isolation that pain seems to impose. Since then I learned that an old friend has lighthouses all over his house; pictures, statues, lamps, you name it. The clock on the wall is a lighthouse. He sees it as serenity.

  So what does the buoy stand for? Well, this happens to be a bell bouy, so you hear it long before you see it. The fellow who bought this painting said, "You managed to capture that feeling, when you finally see the buoy, after looking for it in the fog." Sometimes it is hard to tell where a sound is coming from, in the fog. I guess the buoy stands for relief.

  When I can find them, I will post photos of my paintings in the links below.

Knights woods

Fitzie Sky